Do You want to


at kroger?

Do You want to


at kroger?

I’ve been able to save people (including myself) thousands of dollars and TONS of time using proven and ethical couponing strategies at Kroger... and I’m going to show you how to do the same in this ebook!

"Keep up the great work, when I walk out of Kroger with 80% off, the Kroger employees ask me how I do it and I always say, "". Its like printing money but the secret service won't be knocking at my door! LOL."

Mark R. - NorthWest, IN

What you'll learn inside:

Lesson #1

Coupon Matching

Optimize with coupons on top of sales for the "perfect storm" of savings

Lesson #2

Coupon Stacking

Combine coupons with rebates the right way to pile up the discounts

Lesson #3

Rebate Apps

Master the art of 3rd party apps to maximize your savings

Plus Much More...

Store policies, fuel points, couponing lingo, how to MAKE money on deal scenarios and more

Why I Want To Teach You Couponing...

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

By the time my little girl was three, I realized she didn’t need me so much anymore... 😥

I was a stay-at-home mom and I wanted to use that bit of extra time to help contribute to the household.

The only bill I could control was my grocery bill. The rent, the electricity, the water… those are pretty much set, but I was excited to feel some control over that grocery budget 💰💲 (OR SO I THOUGHT...)

I quickly realized that couponing allowed me to do just that! Plus it was fun!

But the reality is that it took a lot of time and learning how to make it work for my family...

I started clipping coupons and then I headed to the store...

If you are anything like me, I couldn't wait! I was excited to see that grocery bill DROP BABY!!

But once I got there I realized there is much more involved in getting the best prices and actually saving money... FRUSTRATING

And then I made a bunch of REALLY expensive mistakes...

In my excitement, I used all my coupons right away. But then the item went on sale and my coupon was gone. Shoot!

  • I couldn't use all the coupons I had in my hands due to restrictions I didn’t know about and ended up paying full price for items (and held up the line as I figured it all out, SO EMBARRASSING)

  • I needed the “secret” app to get the best deals and rebates (and it needed to be done BEFORE I got to the store)

  • I ended up buying way more than I needed and actually spent more money at the store this month than last month. AHHHHHHHH!!


And so I went home and spent hours and hours watching videos and learning about coupons...

Kinda seems like an actual job now 😒


Once I share the couponing secrets I’ve spent years learning, you will be saving money while building your stockpile!

You will feel confident knowing that you are getting the best prices and will never pay full price for groceries. You will know your stockpile will cover you until the prices drop again.

Now you can enjoy the fact that you have enough to share, all while having a fun little hobby. SO MUCH BETTER THAN BEFORE!

All of this will allow you to control your grocery budget and contribute to the household...YAY!! 🎉🎉🧨🧨

Introducing my 43-page ebook that will share all of my couponing secrets

With my ebook KROGER COUPONING SECRETS, You will...

  • Never hold up the grocery line or feel embarrassed trying to use the wrong coupons
  • Find out how to get an even bigger steal by matching coupons with Kroger sales
  • Learn the couponing lingo
  • Understand how every coupon works with step by step explanations and images
  • Discover how to save money at Kroger using coupons, rebate apps, and my expert tips so that you can contribute to your household income, in the easiest way possible

Not Just That...

  • Maximize savings regardless of sales by learning how to properly stack coupons.
  • Discover WHEN to shop Kroger sales so you can begin to build your stockpile
  • Learn why Kroger Mega Events are the best thing ever for maximizing your grocery budget
  • Know how to prepare for the three different Kroger Digital Events (this can stump even the most experienced shoppers)
  • Understand what Catalinas are and how they can skyrocket your savings
  • Learn the art of making money using couponing so you can use it on things you need that don’t often have coupons (like meat and produce)
  • Master Kroger Fuel Points so you can also save at the pump

I’ve been able to LITERALLY SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and save so much time using these methods at Kroger and I’m going to show you how to do the same!

Download today and save big before your next trip to Kroger...



Get It Today and Save Big On Your Very Next Kroger Run!

No more wasting time with the wrong couponing's time to do what the "pros" do! Instant access, learn easily and quickly. Save your family money on your VERY NEXT trip to Kroger.

  • Instant Download: Ebook delivered immediately via email
  • Easy to Learn: Katie makes it simple to understand
  • Proven Techniques: Thousands of Katie's followers are using these methods to stock up and save

"You are simply the ‘bestest of the best’ in my books....oh, and pocketbook! 🤣 I shop Dillons Kroger here in Wichita and enjoy every minute of it mostly due to your help! Three thumbs up!"

Melissa N. - Wichita, KS

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